All quote inquiries should be directed to quotes@4abs.net or contact Tim directly at 951-817-9944 x 201.

Based on our availability we may have been able to staff a project with more manpower and trucks to complete in a shorter time frame. Additional trip charges are based on the cost of returning the appropriate sized crew to complete the project.

Change Orders are generally handled on a Time and Materials basis, based on the actual used. Quotes for change orders can be provided if requested.

We strive to return all quotes within (24) hours of receipt. This may vary based on the volume of quotes received on a given day, the size of the project and the need for a site visit which would delay the turnaround time.

Prevailing Wage is a minimum wage to be paid to installation team members on some government projects. The requirements and minimum wages are determined by a government agency, for example in California that is the Department of Industrial Relations. If Prevailing Wage is required for a project, ABS will request to be provided with the specific wage determination for that specific project.

No, additional/punch trips are only included in our quotes if requested.

Due to the increased cost of fuel. In lieu of raising our prices across the board we implemented the fuel surcharge to offset some of the additional cost of higher fuel costs.

OT hours apply to project starting after 5pm.
We base the crew size on the scope of work, our current available manpower, site conditions and other factors.

Field Operations

Yes, our project planning team will meet with you to walk the space the requires the move or reconfigure. We will utilize a floor plan of the space(s), create a master plan of action and provide detailed instructions to follow to accomplish the move or reconfigure.

Warranties come from the manufacturer, ABS Facility Services installation team has been trained on how to install products to protect a warranty fault.

All locations provide floor to ceiling wall installations. The certified individual employees we have will come to each location that requires their expertise.
It is a case by case situation on being able to assist you with projects outside locations where warehouses are located. Please reach out to our quoting department to discuss further.
The first 30 days of storage for any new product is free. If storage is needed longer, we charge a monthly storage rate until the product leaves.
We conduct site visits on a requested basis and/if projects are of larger scale or new construction.
Yes, for this service there is an additional fee. Please contact our quoting department to learn more.
We have the capability to pack, ship, provide tracking, and/or transport products on your behalf.
Liftgate trucks, 16’24’, 26’ extended cab trucks , PU, passenger vans, Cargo Vans. We have a national account with Enterprise Holdings.
Yes we install glass and architectural walls, please reach out to our quoting department to learn more.
Yes, depending on the touch-up or repair needed we may include our partner vendors who specialize in touch-ups and/or restorations.
The crew size depends on the scope of work, we can send 1- 50 crew members.

There is no project too large or too small for us, please contact our quoting department for more information.

ABS has completed projects for (1) single chair up to 500 workstations with ancillary.

Yes, all field personnel wear uniforms provided by Cintas. The darker blue shirts represent field supervisors.

The job lead meets with the onsite contact to review the area for installation. Our team begins to offload product and stage it in the appropriate areas. Once staged, we de-trash the boxes and begin to install product.

If a product is damaged by an ABS employee, we notify the client immediately and cover the costs to replace and/or install the new product.

Very efficient, our crew comes with numerous years of experience in which troubleshooting and resolving issues onsite is a specialty. If we are unable to resolve the problem, we collect information on the details needed for a resolution and report them to the appropriate parties.
Each crew member carries their own tool bag which has the minimum requirement of tools set by ABS that is needed to complete a job. If a specialty tool is needed, please reach out to our quoting department to discuss. If this occurs during an installation, we can purchase the necessary tool day of.

Panel carts, 4wheelers, Machine carts, Gondola carts, Library carts, move crates, drywall carts, hand truck dollies, move skates, ABS Move boxes, speed pack boxes, move labels, tools, saw’s, routers, bandsaws, laser levels, laser tape measures, ladders, forklift, boom lift, man lift, Lift gate trucks, suction cups for Glass Walls, Masonite, Ram board, Blue Tape.

Yes, ABS provides disposal services, to learn more please reach out to our quoting department for assistance.

Masonite, Ram Board, Tape, Plywood if needed, Corner protectors. Blanket pads for Elevators.

Once permission is received from the company who hired us to do the work to complete the change order, we are able to proceed with completing the change order.
Yes, please contact our quoting department to learn more about our FF&E projects.

Office Operations

Paperwork will be photographed at the completion of the service, these photographs will be added to the daily progress update. The PDF versions of paperwork will be sent the next business day, before 11am, via email from your customer service representative.

Morgan Nelson oversees all systems for ABS Facility Services. If you need assistance or would like to learn more, please reach out to support@4abs.net.

Our standard turnaround time for scheduling requests is between 24-48 hours. If there is any further delay in returning the request, your customer service representative will notify you.

ABS can schedule out up to a year. For larger scale projects we require final confirmation 2 weeks before the scheduled date, for smaller scale projects we require confirmation by 11am, the day before the scheduled date.

Paperwork should be sent to your customer service representative, if you are unsure who your representative is please send paperwork to scheduling@4abs.net, all representatives have access to this email box.

IQ Coordinator is our project management software that allows us to keep all product related details together and accessible for our office team, your team, and the installation team.To obtain a login, please reach out to support@4abs.net.

ABS has been in business since 1999. We are in our 24th year of providing exceptional customer service and labor for all furniture needs.

ABS Warehousing Team is trained on the various manufacturers receiving processes, each shipment is handled according to these requirements. Once a shipment has been received and placed in our warehouse inventory, the packing slip is given to our office personnel who scan it into PDF form, they perform cross-verification of the product and report the findings in an email to you with details on the outstanding product to be received.

Extensiv Warehouse Manager is our barcoded inventory management system that tracks your product and its exact location within our warehouse. This system provides accurate storage calculations to ensure your first 30 days of storage are always free upon receipt of any new product.

ABS utilizes the telephone, email, and virtual meetings (Zoom / Teams) for communication clients.


The need to request a Deposit payment is to establish a payment history for first time customers and/or there is no payment history trend established.

Check (520 E Rincon Street, 102, Corona CA) ACH (Upon Request) and CC (3.5% Convenience fee, Upon Request)
accounting@4abs.net / 951-817-9944 x 203.

Safety & Certifications

At minimum, quarterly or four times a year.

Background checks are completed upon request. In the past our team has been approved to work with the FBI, MGM and Wynn Casinos, U.S. District Court, and Local Police Departments. Contact us directly for more information.
Yes we can provide services on military bases or secure locations, please reach out to us with the requirements and we will work to accommodate.
Upon request we can provide an authorized heavy equipment operator. Please reach out to our quoting department to learn more.

In Las Vegas, we have a certified Boom Reach Operator.

Yes we have employees that are OSHA-10 and OHSA-30 certified, please contact us directly for more information.

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