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Long & Short Term Office Furniture Storage

ABS Facility Services offers a full range of storage options for your furniture, accessories, and office-based supplies. Our storage operations include full inventory management, real-time tracking, and security measures to keep your product safe and easily accessible. Also, because our staff knows the warranty restrictions of each manufacturer we can help ensure that warranties are not voided due to incorrect disassembly or storage procedures.

Because our team has dealt with installations across all furniture lines and types of industries our team knows the ins-and-outs of storing your product in a way that makes sense based on your move/relocation timeframe. The way we store your product ensures the safety and integrity of your product while also ensuring that your product is staged in a way that will expedite the installation process.

Contact us today to see why ABS Facility Services is your best decision for long and short terms office furniture storage of all kinds.

How We Handle Projects

Our professional team manages all projects to completion. This means that ABS Facility Services will coordinate all vendors, receive and deliver product, stage production, install all furnishings and accessories, facilitate the project walkthrough with the client, and ensure client satisfaction.
Relocations can be extremely stressful for the business moving because of all the moving parts involved. Our team works to alleviate that stress by handling all aspects of project management, storage of product, staging of product, and even handling the final cleanup. This means that when we are finished your team can simply move in and get to work.
Because we work with all major office furniture manufacturers we are able to clean and restore furnishings in a way that will maintain the original integrity of the product. We also ensure that when possible the work being complete is in line with manufacturer recommendations to maintain all applicable manufacturer warranties.
Our team is available on weekdays, weekends, and even after hours to ensure that we are able to respond to changes in real-time. We also offer a secure project management software that allows our clients to view the status of their projects as they change.

We are also fully insured with liability of up to $3M aggregate, trucks up to $1M per load, content up to $4M, and complete worker’s compensation.

Services Provided by ABS Facility Services

  • Professional Office Furniture Installation of All Major Manufacturers.
  • Office Reconfiguration including Design and Space Planning.
  • Fully Managed Commercial Office Relocation